Senior Year

"Just enjoy the experience. When you go to college, those things won’t happen again." - Sir Aguilar.

7:23 p.m.

The meeting for the Cell just ended. Now I can feel the pressure of being the EIC. But I wished for this. My life is going to be like this for the next Wednesdays of my fourth year in High School. Rush. Call the staffers before 5. End up late 7 or 6. Leave the school. Walk ‘til Victory. Ride a jeep. Wait for another ‘cause it’s rush hour. Look up through the beautiful sky and recall all those sweet memories.

What’s going to happen to me next? I have no idea.


You don’t know how miserable I am.
You have no idea how it hurts.
I feel like dying
My heart is crying
I’m tired.
Sick of all these damn feelings.
The pain is killing me
But I still love you.
What the hell is wrong with my life.